Examining the Gender Gap

Examining the Gender Gap

By: BJ Martino, Senior Vice President

In case you missed it, the Democrats are telling everyone who will listen that Republicans have declared a “war on women.”  To even debate the existence of this so-called war is to play into the hands of Democrat strategists.  Democrats would like nothing more than to see our candidates off message, talking about process or issues they want us distracted by.

In the recently released ABC News/Washington Post poll (a survey of registered voters, not likely voters); presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was 7-points back from President Obama on the ballot, 44% to 51%.  Romney is up 8-points with men, and down 19-points with women.  This is a 27-point gender gap, defined as the differential in the net scores by gender.

At the same time, on handling “Women’s Issues” (however the respondent personally defined that term), voters trust was much more significantly with Obama, with 34% saying they trust Romney and 53% Obama.

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