Corporate History

The Tarrance Group was founded in 1977 by V. Lance Tarrance.  Tarrance was both Founder and CEO/President of Tarrance and Associates. 

Ed Goeas was hired by Tarrance to open a Washington, DC office for the firm  that was then known as “Tarrance and Associates” on March 1, 1987.  Goeas had just completed two cycles as the National Campaign Director at the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

Goeas set up the Washington office originally intended to be a one man shop.  However, in August of 1987 Brian C. Tringali was hired following several cycles as the Research Director at the NRCC.  Dave Sackett then joined Goeas and Tringali at Tarrance and Associates in 1989.

In the summer of 1988, Tarrance and Associates was acquired by SRI/Gallup, and then President Lance Tarrance left the firm to sit on the Board of Gallup.  Subsequently, Goeas was named President and CEO of Tarrance and Associates.

In 1991, Goeas, Tringali and Sackett purchased Tarrance and Associates back from SRI/Gallup, effectively founding what is today know as The Tarrance Group, Inc. 

Each partner brought a unique skill and political background to the firm, with Goeas specializing in campaign management and strategy, Tringali with a Masters Degree and background in statistical methodological research, and Sackett who cut his political teeth in the world of media. 

The Tarrance Group originally served largely as a regional Southern and Western polling firm, but today conducts survey research in all 50 states and internationally. 

In addition to serving as a Republican consulting firm, the Tarrance Group has proudly been a partner in the bipartisan George Washington University Battleground Poll with Democrat pollster Celinda Lake since the fall of 1991.


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