Two Paths America Research

Releasing bipartisan research today with Brilliant Corners for Two Paths America on the need to heal the political and racial divisions that threaten to tear this country apart.

Majorities of voters nationwide name politics or race as the most serious divisions in our country. And a 56% majority say it is extremely important we heal these divisions in the near future (another 32% very important).

These divisions have real tangible consequences. 77% agree divisions will “create more periods of fighting & civil unrest & will ultimately weaken our country. 82% agree divisiveness is growing & getting more prevalent.

Focus group respondents quickly raised some serious potential consequences. “Secession” and “civil war” are terms that were brought up more than once. And it was not only in the small group discussions where this came out.

The stakes could not be higher. 69% agree if Americans can’t learn “how to disagree without hating each other, without treating each other like enemies, there won’t be a USA for our children or grandchildren…”

There was blame to go around. In our focus groups, many fingers were pointed at social media and cable news. They let us filter for points that supports our existing views, and dehumanize those on the other side of a debate

Despite our divisions, many hold that freedom and family remain most important American values. The pressing need to heal for the sake of our children, & educate them to not make these mistakes, was a thread in the groups.

So there is hope. 77% believe America can heal these divisions. Respondents have witnessed the capacity of Americans to put aside their differences, especially in times of crisis or danger.

Fully 91% of voters agree that “when a natural disaster… strikes, everyday Americans put aside their differences to help one another. We must capture that spirit, to avoid the disaster of our country tearing itself apart.”

Voters expressed distrust of politicians, activists, and the media, to fix and repair our divisions. It must come from the people, a true grassroots growth of civility. Healing starts in our own hearts.

92% agree “it is hard to hate a person that you get to know… Once we see each other as humans, we see each other more positively & respectfully. We must get to know more people who do not look or think just like us.”

95% agree “Many have heard… ‘love your neighbor.’ Our neighbors are not just the people who live next door. We must look out for one another. It is up to us.”

85% agree “We must sometimes break party allegiances and come together as Americans first before there is a crisis. Country over party.

This goes back, in my mind, to stop making “compromise” a four-letter word. Focus on what we have to gain, rather than what we are giving up. It does not mean abandoning our principles.

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