Our Services

At The Tarrance Group we have the ability to provide our clients with the most innovative Quantitative and Qualitative research.


Live interview polling with traditional telephone surveys is still the most effective method for gaining a true measure of a broad population. We offer comprehensive benchmark polling with full strategic analysis, including the use of multiple regression analysis to pinpoint the most effective messages.

Daily tracking services with instant overnight reporting and analysis.

In addition – we can conduct online quantitative research utilizing a variety of online panels. Less representative online quantitative is useful for reaching specific target groups and for more preliminary research purposes.

IVR/Automated polling not to be confused with on-line research, is another method of collecting opinions without the use of a live interviewer. While less expensive, there are drawbacks with this method and should be used in specific cases only.


Focus groups offer a more nuanced observation of the participants true emotions and real-life reactions to topics. Focus groups are roundtable discussions featuring 10-12 individuals who engage in a dynamic discussion led by a professionally trained moderator. At the Tarrance Group we have several certified and highly skilled moderators on staff.

Beyond traditional focus groups we can also utilize electronic focus groups or dial-testing for media presentations and commercials, as well as tactical use of specific messages. Groups can be larger with 15-20 respondents per group.

On-line panel qualitative surveys also are another method we can employ to gain qualitative insight for our clients.